Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Posted by Hajar Ishak

These few weeks my place got a very little rains.It's been a hot weeks.
Yesterday on my way back home after works,i was thinking,what if there's no water because of this little rain.But then,today is a rainy day..erm..rainy afternoon or evening to be specific.
I'm in the office,taking a little break after working during my lunch time.The best part of my job is we can get addicted doing it.It feels like I don't wanna move until I finish it all,which is ridiculous..some people said..your work will never finished until you quit your job or retire.Ok.Full stop..
Sambung cerita ujan td,after 30minutes,there's no sign the rain will stop.What i'm worried now is I left my helmet on the seat of my bike.I'm 100% sure that the water will wet my helmet..duuhh..what should i do?ermm..i do nothing..I'll go back today with wet helmet..huurrmmm..But still ALHAMDULILLAH for the rain on the 1st of Rejab..Hujan itu rahmat..

is that flower for me? nama dia ni pun RAIN..."hai..namaku rain"-iklan shampoo..

p/s:still ujan lg..abisla helmet ku..

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