Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Mission Incomplete

Posted by Hajar Ishak
Today,I must go to the bank..I need to bank-in some money in my ASB.So,whether i like it or not,i have to deal with the teller officer at the counter.I'm a person who love to make a transaction online.I hate to queue up and waiting for my turn.But I have no choice,kena jugak go to the bank.The other choice it through maybank2u but I don't have enough money in my maybank account to do so.I decided to go to the bank during my breakfast time at the office.
Aku gadaikan masa utk breakfast utk melawat bank.Bila sampai bank,aku tolak pintu bank,pak guard angkat tangan suruh aku berenti tolak.Then,aku tgk kat dalam,rupanya officer dlm bank tu tengah ada briefing.Aku tunggu kat luar.5 minutes gone,then another 5 minutes gone.Aku fed up.Malas nak tunggu.Tak jadi masukkkan duit dlm ASB.Terus balik office.
Then the day continue,aku cari one of my superior,nak jumpa dia psl SKT(gov staff familiar dgn benda ni,aku xtau apa2..blurr),tp x bleh jumpa dia sbb dia cuti.2 hari plak tu.Another mission incomplete.I have to wait until the day of tomorrow to meet him..hmmmm..utk hari ni,belum separuh hari pun lagi,dah ada 2 misi yg x tercapai..

bawa buku pelaburan ni..nak melabur la kononnya..

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