Monday, 22 June 2009


Posted by Hajar Ishak
Last friday i received one sms from my ex-colleague,inviting me to join them on Sunday.So,yesterday i went to meet them.It's been a year since the last time i meet them.But, they keep asking the same question-'bila nak kawen?'..hmmm..million dollar question ni..
One of my ex-colleague treat us with durians.Makan tepi pantai ramai2..memang best!
Lama xjumpa but they still the same.A lots of funs and jokes.Never failed to make me laugh.Working with them is one experience i'll never forget.I learn a lot of things.From the best until the worst.
Sempat snap few pics ja sbb sebuk duk sembang sampai lupa nak amik gambar.

I'm in the middle..tgh mkn rambutan..

2 senior in the team..

The girls posed for my camera..

The boys..tgh menyerang durian..some of them tgh sembang kat belakang tu..

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