Thursday, 29 October 2009

I wish...

Posted by Hajar Ishak
I wish i could do something to people whose been cruel to Palestine.
i wish i could live in beautiful bungalow with my parents.
I wish i could drive one big wealthy car.
I wish i could change my course.
I wish i could change my job.
I wish i could change the way my love one's thinks.
I wish i could forget the time my heart broken into pieces.
I wish i could change my feeling towards someone.
I wish i could always be there for my parents whenever they need me.
I wish i could find one great man to be my best friend's boyfriend so that he will never break her heart.

But all my wishes can't comes true because God want me to learn something while living so that I know what is the real meaning life.All those 'not coming true' wishes will keep me praying to my Creator.But,after all these while,I'm greatful with every single thing i already had in my life.ALHAMDULILLAH.

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